I have a opentelmetry collector and full setup till the Clickhouse database. As of now I am putting spans to the clickhouse database following this blog [https://clickhouse.com/blog/storing-traces-and-spans-open-telemetry-in-clickhouse]
Now when I am seeing the codebase of the tempo, I saw that we are not doing any stitching of spans in the tempo (like we have jaegar query search engine(JQSE) in this we need to store the spans only in the database and spans are collected by the JQSE by traceId and it stitch them and show them on the UI).
Do I need to write the stitching logic in some service/job before pushing spans to the database? or am I missing something?

Ref to tempo code: https://github.com/grafana/tempo/blob/main/pkg/tempopb/tempo.proto