Connecting to a Typescript JSON RPC server via a Go client

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I have a typescript JSON RPC server and a Go client. I followed various tutorials to set up the server and client, however I’m having trouble communicating between the two.

This is my server code:

import * as jsonrpc from 'vscode-jsonrpc/node';

const connection = jsonrpc.createMessageConnection(
    new jsonrpc.StreamMessageReader(process.stdin),
    new jsonrpc.StreamMessageWriter(process.stdout)

connection.onRequest('testRequest', (params: any) => {
    console.log('in test request');
    return 'testRequest response';



And this is my client code (I call ConnectAndSendRequest in main):

package testConnection

import (


type stdrwc struct {
    in  io.WriteCloser
    out io.ReadCloser

func (c *stdrwc) Read(p []byte) (int, error) {
    return c.out.Read(p)

func (c *stdrwc) Write(p []byte) (int, error) {

func (c *stdrwc) Close() error {
    if err :=; err != nil {
        return err
    return c.out.Close()

func ConnectAndSendRequest() error {
    cmd := exec.Command("<my server>")
    stdout, err := cmd.StdoutPipe()
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    stdin, err := cmd.StdinPipe()
    if err != nil {
        return nil, err

    if err := cmd.Start(); err != nil {
        return nil, err

    conn := jsonrpc2.NewConn(context.Background(), jsonrpc2.NewBufferedStream(&stdrwc{stdin, stdout}, jsonrpc2.VSCodeObjectCodec{}), nil)
    defer conn.Close()

    var res string
    err := p.Ev2LSConnection.Call(context.Background(), "testRequest", &res)
    if err != nil {
        return err
    return nil

When I run my go program, I can see the listening... log in the server cmd prompt, but not in test request. The go program just hangs until I close the server cmd prompt. When the server’s closed, I just get err: jsonrpc2: connection is closed on my go cmd prompt.

My suspicion is that my stdin/stdout on either the server or client has been setup incorrectly, so the server isn’t receiving the requests from the client. Does anyone with experience in this have any idea what could be wrong?