Check if textbox exist in table cell or not

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Html Table Body

<table id="table_wf">
<td>Some Dummy Text</td>
<td><input id="chk_001" type="checkbox" selected></td>
<td>Some Dummy Text</td>
<td><input id="text_002" type="text" value="22"/></td>
<td><input id="chk_002" type="checkbox" selected/></td>

1st column contain codes like A,B,C

2nd column contain some dummy text

3rd column might contain a input box or might not, here 1st row does not have text box, 2nd row does

4th and last column contain a checkbox

now on change of any checkbox what I want is

text from column 1 + text from column 3 text box if present

below is my code which I am using

var result = '';
var rows = $("#table_wf tbody tr input[type='checkbox']:checked").closest('tr');
for (var i = 0; i < rows.length; i++) {
    var row = rows[i]
    result += rows[i].cells[0].innerHTML;
    var v = rows[i].cells.find("td input[type=text]");
    if (rows[i].cells.find("input[type=text]").length) {

I am able to get value from first tag of row but not able to check if that row contain text box in 3rd tag and if does , retrieve its value

if (rows[i].cells.find("input[type=text]").length) {}

This is found on a post but it says that find rows[i].cells.find is not a function.

Maybe .find is not available on cells.

Anyway to accomplish this ??
value should be A (1st row), B22 (from 2nd row)