Can TypeScript specify keys that are allowed to not exist, but cannot be assigned to `undefined`?

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I want to disallow any explicit undefined value while still allowing implicit undefined values.


In JavaScript, we have this behavior where accessing a key that does not exist yields undefined, while accessing a key that does exist can also yield undefined.

For example,

  1. [1, 2, undefined, 4][2] -> undefined
  2. [1, 2, 3, 4][99] -> undefined
  3. {a: 1, b: undefined}.b -> undefined
  4. {a: 1, b: 2}.foo -> undefined.

Examples 1 and 3 are accessing values that are explicitly undefined, whereas examples 2 and 4 are accessing implicitly undefined values.


What I want to do is specify a key that may or may not exist (optional), but if it DOES exist, it CANNOT be undefined. Is this possible?

More Details

// - mustExistAndCouldBeUndefined MUST exist in this type, but it could be undefined.
// - couldExistAndCouldBeUndefined COULD exist in this type. If it does, it could
//   be undefined. If it doesn't, it's undefined.
// - couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes COULD exist in this type. If it does,
//   it CANNOT be undefined. If it doesn't, it's undefined.
type Example = {
    mustExistAndCouldBeUndefined: number | undefined;
    couldExistAndCouldBeUndefined?: number;
    ??? couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes ???

// I want this to be legal, since couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes is allowed
// to not exist (implicitly undefined).
const a: Example = {
    mustExistAndCouldBeUndefined: undefined,

// I want this to be ILLEGAL since couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes is not
// allowed to both exist and be undefined (explicitly undefined).
const b: Example = {
    mustExistAndCouldBeUndefined: undefined,
    couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes: undefined,

Is it possible to create something that behaves like couldExistButCannotBeUndefinedIfItDoes in the code block above?

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