I am working on nrf52840 in which the BLE is not Advertising even after i am adding one paramter
i just want to add the parameters at the time of adding the 2 parameters. As you can see in picture

enter image description here

At the time of adding the advertisiment Parameter i want to add 3 parameters

enter image description here

Namely Mac Address , Repeat advertising & repeat Interval & after adding this 3 parameter the advertisiment is
not working & i am unable to configure this Parameters.

We dont using nrf Connect Sdk we only use nrf52840 dongle

Can anyone know how to configure this dongle with the help of coding?

  1. I need to configure nRF52840 Dongle firmware. If anyone knows how, please mention the Method and firmware.
  2. I need to add parameters in the firmware. I’ve already attempted it, but it’s not working. mention if you have any suggestions?