AWS Scheduler/Linux cron

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We are creating a planner of our service, this scheduler are running every certain timeslot(not decided, probably 20-30 minutes) to scan database. Our app are sitting in Amazon Linux with .Net Core.

We want to use AWS EventBridge Scheduler, it needs to be set a target for EventBridge Schduler, we want to use lambda function, but lambda function has time limitation of 15 minutes. As data growing, the database task may more than 15 minutes, we don’t want task stopped by AWS forcely. The lambda function written by Python (no matter python or net core).

The questions is that,

  1. Is there anyway that the lambda function only cares about call the API, we don’t want the really database task function execution time affects lambda function execution time.
  2. Is there some other design to match this requirement in AWS architecture?
  3. We can also setup linux cron for this task, is this better than setup in AWS?

Thank you very much for any help!