Are these JUnit test methods correctly written in my Spring Boot application?

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I am developing a Spring Boot application and have written some JUnit test methods to test my StudentCrud class. I would like to know if these methods are correctly written and follow best practices. Here is the code:

public class StudentCrud {

    StudentServiceImplFactory studentService = new StudentServiceImplFactory();

    public void test01Insert() {
        studentService.insert(new StudentVO("John"));
        studentService.insert(new StudentVO("Mike"));
        studentService.insert(new StudentVO("Alex"));
        assertEquals(1, studentService.insert(new StudentVO("John")));

    public void test02Delete() {
        assertEquals(1, studentService.delete(studentService.findByName("Mike").get()));

    public void test03Update() {
        StudentVO student = studentService.findByName("Alex").get();
        assertEquals(1, studentService.update(student));

    public void test03FindAll() {

Are these test methods written correctly? Are there any improvements or best practices I should follow for writing JUnit tests in a Spring Boot application?

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