I have this Rust code that is very simple, we want to send a tx to the arbitrum chain. For some reason I keep getting error code -32000, message: insufficient funds for gas * price + value: address 0x0000000000008 have 6039743201637934 want 11000000000000000. In this case the requested gas amount needed is ridiculous and far above what is actually needed. How do I solve this?

let default_gas_price: U256 = third_provider.get_gas_price().await?;
                println!("Default Gas Price: {:?}", default_gas_price);
                gas_fee = default_gas_price;
                max_prio_fee = U256::from(parse_units("0.01", "gwei")?);
                max_fee_per_gas = gas_fee + max_prio_fee;