I saw so many same questions out there about this issue, but I really have no idea how to fix this autogenerated file. Any inputs would be truly appreciated.

When I delete the following code, in transformedappcompat-1.6.1resvaluesvalues.xml:174:4: the next line will be pointed–and an endless loop results. I tried to remove appcompat library (ver 1.6.1), removing its dependencies, but that did not work. Thank you for your help.

[mergeFullDebugResources FAILED](https://i.stack.imgur.com/gXQ0x.png)
[failed with an exception](https://i.stack.imgur.com/sfut4.png)

I changed contents of stings.xml, adding the item in values.xml. In the same way, I made an attempt to change ids.xml based on suggestions found in this platform. Finally, I tried to remove appcompt library, but that did not work as well. I can sync, clean the project, invalidate caches & restart, and still cannot rebuild it. MinSDK=22, compileSDK=33, targetSDK=33 Gradle ver = 8.3 Thank you for your help. 

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