“An exception was thrown attempting to enter NODAEMONS” error on Guidewire ClaimsCenter startup

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Working on Guidewire ClaimCenter, startup goes fine until I reach the end of it and the following error is reported:

2024-05-16 12:39:19,438 INFO Decreased runlevel to 'GUIDEWIRE_STARTUP'
2024-05-16 12:39:19,440 ERROR ***** ClaimCenter unable to start *****
gw.pl.exception.GWLifecycleException: An exception was thrown attempting to enter NODAEMONS
at com.guidewire.pl.system.server.InitTab.increaseRunLevelTo(InitTab.java:682) ~[pl-50.10.2.jar:?]
at com.guidewire.pl.system.server.InitTab.setRunLevel(InitTab.java:384) ~[pl-50.10.2.jar:?]
at com.guidewire.pl.system.servlet.GuidewireStartupServlet.init(GuidewireStartupServlet.java:88) ~[pl-50.10.2.jar:?]
at javax.servlet.GenericServlet.init(GenericServlet.java:244) ~[javax.servlet-api-3.1.0.jar:3.1.0]

Anyone else have this problem or a similar one? Thanks in advance.